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personal projects
experimental - expanded - short films


audiovisual experiment

Watch behind the scenes video: 


Music producer: Daniel Lagerqvist

Visuals: Anastasia Novikova


One rainy Monday morning Daniel and I went for a little walk around our neighborhood to capture some footage of everyday life in Willesden. How could a broken bike, a puddle or ashes on the ground turn into music? Take a look at Daniel’s process of creating sounds from his associations with the video - that is how! During our experiment we were exploring the correlation of two creative practices: filmmaking and music production through the aspect of layering. We see this project as an example of how these two media forms can influence each other while remaining independent unlike the relationship of music and moving image in music video production or sound design for films.

Якорь 1

Short Films

A Killer Of Our Time
(2023, Expanded)

Якорь 2

A Killer Of Our Time - an interactive installation based on a series of short films.

Aims to explore the moral limits of modern society. Full experience presented during the exhibition "Resurgence" at Ambika P3, 2023  (Full digital experience TBA).

This project presents a modern interpretation of the classic novel "A Hero of Our Time" by Lermontov by exposing the contemporary ‘ideal’ character of today’s world. All these stories uncover several relatable issues connected to modern dating and friendship patterns, male gaze in modern arts, the question of masculinity, fetishisation of Asian women in media and voyeurism for violence.

(Student Short Film, 2021)

Young female filmmaker dealing with the pressure of the industry, unrealised dreams and dominance of technology.

Oh, it's an ordinary New Year's story

The main character falls asleep on the New Year's Eve
and dreams about a perfect celebration with his friends. This story is inspired by New Year's traditions
coming from creators' cultural background and styles inspired by favourite Soviet films.

Andrei's Mirroring Effect (Experimental Short Film, 2020)

So do you still get 7 years of bad luck if you look into the broken mirror but that broken mirror is you?

This short experimental film filmed during one the Covid lockdowns examines what
could happen to a character if she was surrounded by mirrors and was pressured to be around her reflections all the time.

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