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Nika's Video Portrait
Сейчас - Dance Video
Anastasia Novikova

Сейчас - Dance Video

A dance project in collaboration with a good friend of mine and a professional dancer Elizaveta Vasilevska. Her initial idea was to create a dance video for a song “Сейчас дважды не случится” by Manizha and come up with choreography that would correspond to the lyrics of the song. The name of the song translating from Russian means “Now will never happen again” and the singer is sending a very powerful message by using really actual examples from our everyday lives and metaphors that manage to touch a listener’s soul by their authenticity so as a co-creator I wanted to work with this song with a great respect and gratitude and turn the words of the song into one of the narrative drivers. That is how we came up with the idea for a story where a character experiences a simple but quite memorable moment of finding a certain object and then trying but not being able to successfully rewind this experience in the exact same order in their head and reckon till the climax moment-moment of finding the object. While doing so the character performs a dance where the choreography also starts playing the role, however, I didn’t want the song to fade into the background and start to become just an accompaniment for the movements. I really wanted it to stay in the foreground and to do so I had to figure out how to emphasise it visually, so we decided that the choreography would be interrupted by the shots of still environments around the character, for instance, blue sky without any moving clouds or sparkling sand. That would give a lot of solo moments for the lyrics and make it a narrative co-driver. I was also planning to do only still shots, which is the opposite to the tendencies of modern dance videos where a camera usually follows or even repeats some movements of the dancer throughout the whole performance, so it could help me to achieve the same effect I was talking about earlier.
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